Design on Psychology Management System in Universities

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The popularity of the university and the singleton female increased, for the management of universities in a lot of factors, from the psychology of the source to undertake to the student management. Using a web design function, establish a face of the psychological management system, through the system, students can take mental problems on condition of anonymity because submit, then, the in the mind guide teacher can also through the system to anonymous or new way for students to give a response, easy to college students' psychological state in time grasp, to create a good atmosphere and stable campus environment.

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The gene encoding a development-specific protein (Ssp1) was identified; it previously was described as the major protein present in mature sclerotia of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. To determine the developmental specificity of ssp1 gene expression in relation to protein accumulation we examined transcript and protein accumulation during various growth and development stages of the lifecycle. We found that ssp1 transcript accumulated exclusively within developing sclerotium tissue and not in any other examined stage of growth or development. In contrast high levels of Sspl protein were detectable by western blot and tandem mass spectrometry analyses in all stages of sclerotium as well as apothecium development. Immunolocalization further indicated that Ssp1 protein bodies were depleted from the sclerotium tissue surrounding the site of apothecium germination, but by this method Sspl was not detected in the apothecium. Together these findings suggest that Sspl is not metabolized during carpogenic germination, instead it is translocated from the sclerotium to the apothecium in an antigenically novel form. Outside the Sclerotiniaceae ssp1 homologs were found only from the sclerotium-forming Aspergillus species A. flavus and A. oryzae. Further studies concerning the regulation and function of this gene and its occurrence in other species have the potential to inform our understanding of sclerotium development and the evolution of sclerotia and other forms of fungal stroma.
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