El marco lógico y las organizaciones educativas. "Contribución metodológica para la mejora de la escuela".

Sapiens: Revista Universitaria de Investigación, ISSN 1317-5815, Año 8, Nº. 2, 2007, pags. 147-168 01/2007;
Source: OAI


The purpose of this work is to show the technique of the logic framework as a methodological resource that can be applied in educational organizations hence it allows to focalize a problem, treatment of which contributes to the improvement of the school and the creations of a culture for change. The use of this technique makes it possible to identify the need for improvement, integrating expectations, interests, emotions and opinions from the people involved in the school under study. The results are expressed in a series of instruments: Analysis of those involved, Tree of problems, Tree of objectives, Analysis of alternatives and Matrix of the logic frame. A project for a technical school was designed, which was based on the sequence of steps established by the logic frame, the utility of this technique was evident to foster a consensus and compromise of the actors involved in the problems that they will attend to, the actions to undertake and the results they want obtain.

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