Motivación y actitudes hacia la carrera de profesor de educación primaria en estudiantes normalistas de primer ingreso

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A study was made of students' motivation in selecting the degree plan in elementary teaching, and their attitudes toward the degree. The study participants were two groups of new students working toward the degree under two different plans: Plan 84, with 140 students, and Plan 97, with 116 students. The students were asked to complete a questionnaire, to identify the type of motivation that determined their enrollment, and a semantic differential was used to examine their attitudes toward the degree. The results—analyzed by parametric sand nonparametric statistics, and Cohen's d to weigh the effect of the differences—indicate that almost one-half of the students selected the degree for extrinsic reasons; this percentage was higher in Plan 84. The students' attitude is positive, yet the differences are greater in Plan 97. The females and those who enrolled due to intrinsic motivation have a more positive attitude toward the degree. Palabras clave: estudiantes, educación normalista, motivación, actitudes, planes de estudio, México.