Joint Kalman--Based Noise Filtering And Motion Compensated Video Coding For Low Bit Rate Videoconferencing

Article · October 2000with5 Reads
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The problem of noise filtering for video coding applications is considered in this paper. In [1], an advantageous technique to combine a motion compensated (MC) noise filter with the coding loop of an MC hybrid coding scheme was illustrated, and a rate--distortion (RD) optimization framework was proposed. Here, we describe an alternative structure for denoising image sequences to be coded, which is based on Kalman filtering. Experimental results reveal that this technique provides performance as good as those of the RD--optimized noise filter of [1], while the computational complexity has been greatly reduced. Introduction Filtering of images corrupted with additive noise is highly desirable for video coding applications; indeed, noise may increase the entropy of the corrupted images, thus preventing effective compression. For this reason, noise filtering for video coding applications deals with both the reduced quality of the encoded pictures and the increased amount of bits to tran...