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Co-relating the Sexual Behaviour and Abnormal Sexual Orientation (Psychological Disorder) to Astrology

Co-relating the Sexual Behavior
and Abnormal Sexual Orientation
(Psychological Disorder) to
Dr Ashish Chauhan*
SMPIC, Mohali, Punjab, India
*Corresponding author: Dr Ashish Chauhan, SMPIC, Mohali, Punjab, India, Tel:
09464616773; E-mail:
Rec date: Feb 01, 2015, Acc date: Feb 13, 2015, Pub date: Feb 23, 2015
Venus is the planet that determines the sexual behavior of an
individual. Astrology elucidates that abnormal sexual
orientation is a psychological disorder that is related to the
malefic influence of Venus in the birth chart (horoscope) of a
person. Different planet individually and in combination
influences Venus to give variable results that mainly affects the
sexual behavior in a person. However, various other
astrological factors play a vital role in shaping the sexual
behavior in an individual.
Keywords Psychology; Disorder; Orientation; Astrology; Horoscope
Every living being born on the Earth has an influence of the
heavenly bodies surrounding it. Venus is the planet that determines
the beauty, art, luxury, love, designing, dance and clothing etc. Venus
governs the sexual tendencies in an individual. All the other planets in
combination to it give a specific behavior depending on its nature or
chemistry. Venus in its good sign (exalted state) gives wonderful
results whereas the malefic influence, retrograde condition or its
placement in unfriendly sign (debilitated state) gives unwanted results
and psychological disorders like homosexuality, bisexuality, rapist and
immoral behavior.
Scientifically, there is no consensus among scientists about the exact
reasons why an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual or
homosexual orientation. The American Academy of Pediatrics has
stated that "sexual orientation probably is not determined by any one
factor but by a combination of genetic, hormonal, and environmental
influences”. The American Psychological Association has stated that
"there are probably many reasons for a person's sexual orientation and
the reasons may be different for different people". It further stated that,
for most people, sexual orientation is determined at an early age. The
American Psychiatric Association stated: "To date there are no
replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological etiology
for homosexuality. Similarly, no specific psychosocial or family
dynamic cause for homosexuality has been identified, including
histories of childhood sexual abuse." Research into how sexual
orientation may be determined by genetic or other prenatal factors
plays a role in political and social debates about homosexuality, and
also raises fears about genetic profiling and prenatal testing [1-4].
Venus gives its effect according to its position and sign in an
individual’s horoscope near to the age of 25. Psychology in an
individual is determined by Rahu (Dragon head) and it casts its effect
at the age of 42 depending on position and sign in the horoscope of an
individual. When Venus has an effect of Rahu the mal-functioning will
be at its peak from 25 to 42 year of age. According to a latest survey, it
was observed among all U.S. adults aged 18 and over, 1.6% identified
as gay or lesbian, and 0.7% identified as bisexual. The examination by
age revealed that the percentage of adults who were identified as gay or
lesbian was similar for adults aged 18– 44 (1.9%) whereas for adults of
higher age (0.7%). The percentage of adults who identified as bisexual
also varied with age. A higher percentage of adults aged 18– 44 were
identified as bisexual (1.1%) compared with adults aged 45– 64 (0.4%)
and adults aged 65 and over (0.2%) [5].
Sex is the need of a man but profound sexual pleasure, its addiction
and effect on psychological status is lethal for moral and health. It is
unfortunate, that a precise and specific science like Astrology that can
answer and resolve the problems related to various psychological
disorders remains unexplored. This paper is an attempt to highlight
and summarize the related findings on this topic. The paper merely
aims at seeking the scientific justification, probability and correlation
of sexual behavior, abnormal sexual orientation to Astrology and in no
way provides any excuse for abnormal sexual behavior or its
Figure 1: The twelve houses of the horoscope where lord of the 1st
house (ruling planet) is the ascendant
Results and Discussions
In Astrology, the mental status could briefly be assessed by the
Moon (referring to the stability of mind), Mercury (nervous system)
and Jupiter (maturity / wisdom / ethical value). When all three of these
planets are afflicted in the horoscope of an individual, conditions
leading to mental illness are high. However, the planet placed in first
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& Psychological
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house of the horoscope (referring to head) also contributes equally to
mental ability. Rahu governs the thought process, mental status and
psyche in an individual. A malefic influence of Rahu on either of the
above or other planets determines the type and extent of the
psychological disorder. As a rule the seventh house and the planet
inhabiting it casts a significant effect on first house, in the horoscope.
So, the planet at position 1 and 7, 5 and 11, 6 and 12 should be keenly
observed to access the situation [6-16].
Based on results obtained after studying numerous natal charts of
psychological disorder cases, the findings have been systematically
summarized below that can help parents and elders to initiate
preventions and seek remedy well in time, in case their child shows
any symptom of Psychological Disorder.
Venus and its effects on an individual
Venus is an embodiment of love; it is a benefic planet and governs
the refined attributes, morality, romance, beauty, skin, sensuality,
passion, comforts, luxuries, jewelry, wealth, art, music, dance and
season of spring, rains and the bed-room. Venus is also important
because of its association with the science of mantras and Ayurvedic
medicine, Tantra, the casting of spells, hypnotism, mesmerism and
alchemy. When rightly aspected Venus is strong and it brings wealth,
comfort, attraction to the opposite sex in the early part of life. It makes
its natives tender, gentle, considerate and centre of attraction. They are
lovers of jewelry, sour taste, dresses, decoration, perfumes, tasty foods,
luxury and the fine arts. Venus is mainly associated with sexual
behavior in human’s life. It refers to wife and relationship with the
wife in a man’s horoscope.
Venus is mild planet that gets easily disturbed by Rahu, Saturn, Sun
and Mars and gives influenced results. Mercury and Saturn are
friendly planets to Venus but in most of the cases it has been observed
that Saturn causes significant transition in Venus results. Venus
mahadasha rules for 20 years and it gives good results at the age of 25
if well placed (according to position and sign (in the horoscope. Its
favorable sign are Taurus, Libra and Pisces. It enhances the
personality, looks, beauty in an individual depending on its sign and
location if it is placed at position one, seven and eleven. If a person has
Venus at position 12 (position 12 refers to eyes) in horoscope in the
Libra then the individual will have very beautiful & distinct eyes with
big eye lashes unless it is not under malefic influence suppose if the
same Venus is in combination with Saturn then the eyes will be
beautiful but there will be dark brown region or circle around the eyes
and likewise [6-12].
Effect of other Planets on Venus and Sexual Behavior
Venus determines the moral values and sexual behavior. An
individual with Venus in its own sign gets benevolent results. But,
Venus being a mild planet is widely affected by other planets. It
influenced effect on sexual behavior has been mentioned below [6-18].
Effect of Saturn on Venus
With respect to the sexual behavior it has been widely observed that
Saturn causes reduction in moral value of an individual even when it is
placed with Venus in friendly sign like Libra. The combination of
Venus and Saturn, depending on the position, leads to immoral values,
unethical relationships, seeking multiple sex partners. If the same
combination is placed in 8th house on the horoscope then a person
hardly gives a second thought on visiting a sex worker, frequently (it is
further verified from Varshfal as well). However, we need to check the
status of Moon and Jupiter for a better judgment, if they are well place
then such chances gets reduced.
Effect of Sun on Venus
Influence of Sun or its combination with Venus leads to increase in
sexual appetite. The person is highly inclined in indulging into sex.
Physical relationship made during day time is not at all advisable it
results in financial loss, bitterness and discords in relationships even in
a favorable yearly horoscope report (Varshfal with most planets in its
own or friendly sign).
Effect of Moon on Venus
Effect of Moon on Venus or their combination results in significant
decrease in sexual desire. A perfect balance of Moon and Venus is
important for a man to be successful in his motives. A highly sexually
oriented person cannot concentrate or target his aim and work
efficiently. A malefic Venus can affect the state of Moon. A proper
coordination of Moon and Venus can be seen in the horoscope of
many significant achievers, intellects, artists and successful man.
Effect of Mars on Venus
Mars deteriorates the effect of Venus. If the Venus is retrograde and
placed in 12th house an imprisonment could be anticipated. Venus
exchanging the division with Mars leads to an unending searching for
new lover. Malefic Venus influenced by malefic Mars situated at
position 8 has been witnessed in the case of rapists.
Effect of Jupiter on Venus
The nature of ascendant plays a key role if both Jupiter and Venus
are together. It also depends on the position and sign of their location
in the horoscope. Generally good results (morally balanced, sexually
satisfied) are observed due to this combination.
Effect of Ketu (Dragon tale)
The Ketu placed near Venus has been seen to provide malefic
influence on sexual behavior by blind, immoral or unhygienic sexual
habits. It may be due to the effect of Rahu from the 7th house as well.
Effect of Venus position in the Horoscope
A person with a benefic and exalted Venus will have a better sex life,
better sexual performance, better development in genital organs
(including sperm count and ovule development) as compared to the
effectiveness of malefic Venus. However, it has been observed that the
performance may vary if the planet is under high influence. A lady
with benefic Venus can conceive very easily (unless at position 5 of
horoscope, Ketu (miscarriage), Rahu (needing medical interventions
and the probability to bear a child increases) or Saturn is situated.
Position of Venus also casts its effect on sex behavior. Venus placed
in 1st and 2nd house even in own or friendly sign makes a person
sexually inclined. Venus located in position 6 may cause skin, sexual
problem (impotence, transgender, sexual dysfunction). Malefic Venus
located in position 8 makes a person sexually blind follower and may
cause death due to sexually transmitted diseases if Moon, Jupiter and
Sun are ill placed. Impotence or low sperm count, sexual
incompatibility, dysfunction can also be seen if Mercury, Saturn, Virgo
sign appear at position 5. It has been widely observed that males with
Venus in 11th house get disturbed and influenced in education and
Citation: Ashish C (2015) Co-relating the Sexual Behavior and Abnormal Sexual Orientation (Psychological Disorder) to Astrology. J Psychother Psychol
Disor 3:1.
Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 1000107 • Page 2 of 4 •
attention due to some female while in case of females the Mars placed
in 11th house causes hindrance in concentrating, diverts the attention
from studies for opposite sex very easily. However, there are many
other factors discussed below that should be taken into consideration
along with the results discussed above while predicting the situations
from horoscope [6-18].
Abnormal Sexual Orientation
Venus gives worst results in Virgo sign and sixth house of the
horoscope. Abnormal sexual orientation occurs when the psyche,
mental set up (Rahu) is affected by malefic Venus or wise versa, as a
result there is increase in sexual thoughts, sexual desires. It turns into
frustration when debilitated Venus is afflicted by Mars, Ketu and
Saturn. A combination or influence on malefic Venus by Saturn, Ketu
and Rahu can be easily seen in the horoscope of a person of low moral
character. These sexual desire and frustration can even lead to
disturbed mental setup and anxiety and a person starts experimenting
something new or unnatural (as Rahu referring to thought process is
involved with malefic Venus). It may lead to bisexuality,
homosexuality etc. A more afflicted status leads to homosexuality
whereas a lesser afflicted situation causes bisexuality since the
probability of improvement is better in bisexuals. They may then get
involved in seeking multiple sex partner, may have rapist tendency or
criminal bend. Presences of Sun in addition to these combinations
further enhance the sexual desire. A combination of Venus and Rahu,
Saturn may make a person slave to never ending sex desire (sex slave)
that may lead to cross all the ethical, moral limits. Moreover, the
influence of Sun, presence of Jupiter, Moon and Mercury in ineffective
state in addition to above existing combinations can deteriorate the
situation further. Such a man can affect his own health and be a sex
Homosexuality and Bisexuality is normal medically but when
studied critically it may be counted result of imbalance in sex ratio in
society, lack of self confidence, inferiority complex due to poor
development of sexual organs (mostly in males), psychological
disorders that can be treated in most of the cases. Many people
undergo depression while others commit suicide due to pathetic,
unstable and hopelessness in an unnatural lifestyle or sex behavior.
Society generally boycotts such people but in real these miserable
people (with abnormal sexual orientation) are patients of
psychological disorder that deserves mercy, sympathy and support to
recover by self efforts or consultations. An individual acts as per the
direction of his horoscope. It reinstates the fact that everything that a
man does is as per God’s will it may be counted. Sensibly, no one
wants to be miserable by dark deeds but the situations lead to
unknown results. The malefic affect of planets show their presence
through mutations, chromosomal aberrations, family problems, social
abuse, physical exploitation of children and tricky life situations and
ultimately the sexual behavior and orientation changes [6-8].
Venus and its Status
The status of Venus is poor in Aries, Leo, Virgo and Scorpio. Venus
placed in 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 12th may be sexually inclined even in
own and friendly sign. However, the ascendant, degree and retrograde
conditions equally work on it. Visually, an individual with benefic
Venus will have glowing and radiant skin (generally fair) while the
individual with malefic Venus (hyper active in sex) have dull skin
without any glow and skin related problems and allergies. Too much
involvement in sex ruins the beauty as well (not considering the
exception of artificial beautifications or surgeries). Venus afflicted by
Saturn gives pungent odor to the body etc.
Several influencing factors determine the Psychological
There are various factors in the horoscope that influence the
incidents and the life of an individual. Some of the major parameters
have been discussed below [6-12].
The degree of the each planet (degree should be atleast 10 for
better results)
Sign of planet’s placement (own and friendly sign are preferred for
better results)
Location of the planets in horoscope (location of the planet gives
specific characters and results)
The nature of ascendant lord (friendly planets of ascendant give
better results if well placed)
The status / condition of the ascendant lord (should not be
retrograde or under malefic influence)
Extent of malefic influences on the ruling planet
Ratio of benefic influences on ruling planet
Planetary combinations in the horoscope (friendly or unfriendly
planets association, dominant or recessive)
The mahadasha and anterdasha
The birth chart and the navmansh
The varshfal for each specific year (person gets its results in the life
in accordance to birth chart)
Age of the individual, as the benefic and malefic planets in the
horoscope give their results according to their position and sign at
specific year (Sun at the age of 26, Mercury at 34 etc)
Each planet casts its influence differently (Sun and Moon influence
the house they are placed and 7th adjacent to it etc).
There are several common factors prevalent in patients with
psycho-neurological disorders. Some of the factors are given below
The child born on no moon night generally face major health
The children born on Tuesday and Saturday have been found to
have more psychological disorders.
The ruling planet is placed in sixth, eighth and twelfth house.
The degree of the ruling planet is near zero.
The ruling planet is retrograde.
The ruling planet is placed in unfriendly sign or under the malefic
Retrograde Saturn and Mars can enhance the disorder.
Presence of Moon or Sun or both in sixth, eight, twelfth house or
under the malefic influence.
Jupiter is placed in sixth, eight, twelfth house or under the malefic
Mercury in fifth, twelfth house in retrograde condition or in
unfriendly sign or under the malefic influence.
Malefic influence of Saturn in first, fifth, sixth house of the
Malefic influence of Mars in first, fifth and sixth house of the
Citation: Ashish C (2015) Co-relating the Sexual Behavior and Abnormal Sexual Orientation (Psychological Disorder) to Astrology. J Psychother Psychol
Disor 3:1.
Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 1000107 • Page 3 of 4 •
However, the malefic influence of the planets and their
combinations can have a reduced or negligible effect if:
The ruling planet is well placed in its own sign or friendly sign in
first or seventh house.
Jupiter, Venus can evade the malefic effects if placed in first or
seventh sign in its own or friendly sign.
In such cases, Jupiter is benefic only in certain positions (first, third,
fifth, seventh, ninth, eleventh house) in its own or friendly sign (Aries,
Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius).Venus is benefic in Taurus, Libra and Pisces.
Science is progressing with the research day by day. There is need
that Astrology should be taught to every student to improve the deeds
and make conscious efforts to improve ourself. It helps us to know
ourself, our weakness and strengths. It informs about the weak parts of
the body to take possible care of health and be a better part of society
to make this world a better place to live.
Astrology teaches us to keep a check on our deeds. If our deeds are
not good, no worship, no gem stone and no astrologer or face reader
can help us. To improve the Venus we should treat females with due
respect. A person with malefic Venus should stay and spend
maximum time with mother (referring to Moon) and family to avoid
isolation and darkness that activates Rahu and Saturn, respectively.
We should serve the cow. Avoid drinking milk at night. We should
take blessing from parents, elders and teachers. Wear new clothes
(related to Venus) on Friday (other than Rahu kaal) and use light
perfumes on Friday to improve the Venus. Do not promote extra-
marital affair. Making physical relationship in day is a sin that would
lead to financial loss and discords. Avoid black and dark blue clothes.
Wear light blue, pink, white, cream color clothes to promote Venus.
Venus in males horoscope refers to wife so she should not be ever ill
treated. Do not donate your money and clothes. Gently treat everyone
and sincerely render all the duties (especially for parents). Avoid
superstitions, unwise practices, selfish thoughts or bad intention
because each wicked affects Moon and Venus, primarily. Do not harm
any living being, avoid criticism, avoid use of alcohol, avoid foul
language and avoid materialistic pleasure and approach. We should
not indulge in too much sex. Be vegetarian, improve moral values,
indulge in plantation that is useful to others and work for betterment
of nation and earth. All our deeds affect the planet in our horoscope
and we get similar results. Wearing a fresh gold chain on Thursday
morning improves the moral value (while making sure that 1st house
is not affected by its enemies in natal chart or Varshfal) similarly
praying Sun (helps to imbibe positivity) improves the situation. Select
a simple life style and simplify the vision and thoughts to lead a happy
and stable life. We should pray Goddess Laxmi and Vishnu Ji to
improve Venus and our deeds. Pray Goddess Saraswati and enchant
her mantras to improve and purify the thought process. Living the life
is a duty to God so we should do the best to get the best results [17,18].
Venus is a very important planet. Man with benefic Venus enjoys
the richness and enjoys favors while malefic Venus makes a man
miserable. Malefic Venus when located near Rahu affects Rahu
(psychology) and leads to psychological disorders like homosexuality
and bisexuality. Such a person deserves mercy, kindness and support
rather than despair and social boycott. People with abnormal sexual
orientation should have the right to enjoy the freedom like any other
citizen, keeping in view that they do not interfere, affect and disturb
the life and mental peace of any normal being in the society. The
efforts should be made to improve the sexual behavior for a a healthy
life by adopting a simple life style and simplify the vision and thoughts
to lead a happy, content and fruitful life healthy and fruitful life.
Author is grateful to ancient Astrologers whose research inspired
and helped him to further improve the knowledge and sincerely thank
Mata Ji, Dr Santosh Santoshi for inspirational lectures on Astrology.
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Citation: Ashish C (2015) Co-relating the Sexual Behavior and Abnormal Sexual Orientation (Psychological Disorder) to Astrology. J Psychother Psychol
Disor 3:1.
Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 1000107 • Page 4 of 4 •
... Similarly, Astrology has been claimed to be pseudoscience for several reason and is rendered as unacceptable and ineffective. The possible reasons for this discrimination with Astrology have been briefed below [1][2][3]. ...
... The constructive and collaborative scientific research can bring the astrological vitality in main stream. We shall now try to summarize the possible reasons that need to be worked upon to give Astrology its worth appraisal [1][2][3]. ...
... Red Book a scientific version of astrology by Pandit Roop Chand Joshi focused to systematize the study but it did not correlate the planetary placement with their sign [2][3][4][5][6]. ...
Experiment Findings
Full-text available
Astrology is a science based on facts and evidences that has significant accuracy and numerous applications. The paper is an attempt to explore the reasons of its unacceptability and ineffectiveness. There is need to pursue scientific astrological research to utilize its immense potential for human welfare, development, safety, bio-medical use and spiritual awakening.
Full-text available
Objective: To provide national estimates for indicators of health-related behaviors, health status, health care service utilization, and health care access by sexual orientation using data from the 2013 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). Methods: NHIS is an annual multipurpose health survey conducted continuously throughout the year. Analyses were based on data collected in 2013 from 34,557 adults aged 18 and over. Sampling weights were used to produce national estimates that are representative of the civilian noninstitutionalized U.S. adult population. Differences in health-related behaviors, health status, health care service utilization, and health care access by sexual orientation were examined for adults aged 18-64, and separately for men and women. Results: Based on the 2013 NHIS data, 96.6% of adults identified as straight, 1.6% identified as gay or lesbian, and 0.7% identified as bisexual. The remaining 1.1% of adults identified as ''something else,'' stated ''I don't know the answer,'' or refused to provide an answer. Significant differences were found in health-related behaviors, health status, health care service utilization, and health care access among U.S. adults aged 18-64 who identified as straight, gay or lesbian, or bisexual. Conclusion: NHIS sexual orientation data can be used to track progress toward meeting the Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives related to the health of lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons. In addition, the data can be used to examine a wide range of health disparities among adults identifying as straight, gay or lesbian, or bisexual.
Full-text available
A person’s sexual orientation concerns his or her sexual desires and fantasies towards others in virtue of their sex (gender). However, a person’s sexual orientation is only the part of a person’s sexual interest generally. The last 20 years have seen an explosion in scientific research into the genetic, biological and psychological causes of homosexuality. This article critically surveys contemporary biological and genetic theories of the development of sexual orientations. To say that sexual orientation is biologically based is an ambiguous claim. There are various senses in which it is trivially true that sexual orientation is biological. Various studies suggest that sexual orientation runs in families. Such studies show that a same-sex sibling of a homosexual is more likely to be a homosexual than a same-sex sibling of a heterosexual is to be a homosexual, more simply, for example, the brother of a gay man is more likely to be gay than the brother of a straight man.
Depression is a common problem prevalent in the world today. With the advancement of Science and Technology, man has adapted and addicted himself to the comfort zone and luxurious life style. Even minor changes, problem and challenges in the life leads to depression. The chemistry associated with the planetary behavior, interaction and their influence on the horoscope plays a vital role in determining the life and its challenges for an individual. This paper evaluates the causes for psychological change in behavior by astrology.
This paper presents a brief overview of an important application of astrology in field of medical science. In this scientifically and technologically developed world when the medical science has immensely progressed, there are a number of unanswered queries that could not be justified. Astrology can assist to diagnose these problems and answer them scientifically. Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are the key planets responsible for the soundness of the mind. When these planets along with fifth, sixth house in the horoscope of an individual is afflicted by any means then mental illness occurs. Astrology plays a key role to guide and enlighten the man and his thoughts to get the right approach and put in the best efforts to improve and achieve the goal.
The American Academy of Pediatrics issued its first statement on homosexuality and adolescents in 1983, with a revision in 1993. This report reflects the growing understanding of youth of differing sexual orientations. Young people are recognizing their sexual orientation earlier than in the past, making this a topic of importance to pediatricians. Pediatricians should be aware that some youths in their care may have concerns about their sexual orientation or that of siblings, friends, parents, relatives, or others. Health care professionals should provide factual, current, nonjudgmental information in a confidential manner. All youths, including those who know or wonder whether they are not heterosexual, may seek information from physicians about sexual orientation, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, or various psychosocial difficulties. The pediatrician should be attentive to various potential psychosocial difficulties, offer counseling or refer for counseling when necessary and ensure that every sexually active youth receives a thorough medical history, physical examination, immunizations, appropriate laboratory tests, and counseling about sexually transmitted diseases (including human immunodeficiency virus infection) and appropriate treatment if necessary. Not all pediatricians may feel able to provide the type of care described in this report. Any pediatrician who is unable to care for and counsel nonheterosexual youth should refer these patients to an appropriate colleague.
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