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    • "In a clay soil, the particles are expanded and the soil surface is waterproofed, and the water containing high levels of nitrates drains surficially, contaminating the surface water (Perdomo, Casanova, & Ciganda, 2001; Estrada-Botello et al., 2007). Hence, leaching also occurs in clay soils, although the process is slower than for the soil types mentioned previously. "
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    ABSTRACT: Water contamination is a consequence of human settlement, agricultural, silvicultural, and industrial activity in aregion. The nitrates and nitrites dissolved in groundwater are indirectly consumed by humans, where they causenegative health effects. Among the most commonly observed problems are the dysfunction of the thyroid gland,production of nitrosamines (which commonly cause cancer), and a decrease in the capacity of the blood totransport oxygen, also known as metahemoglobinemia or, "blue baby syndrome". As part of the agreementssigned by Mexico during the Conference of the United Nations on the Environment and Development in June,1992, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Agenda 21 was adopted as a normative document focused on achieving"sustainable development" in all fields. Modern concepts of production attempt to guarantee that human consumer goods are innocuous, and are produced in a manner that promotes environmental sustainability, thuscontributing to protection of consumer and ecosystem health.
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