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When Life gives you lemons make Lemonade



The volume is the first complete volume of of a series dealing with abuse and bulling that continued in to the writers fifties with the outcome as of now forcing our nearing 88 year old mom to Texas. Mom without any mental issues and her intelligence in tact endured 5 - 20 phone calls a day from the older half sister in Texas. It has been connected to her inability to maintain a husband after five marriages that maybe not even having been within the environment of her abusive father or his mother she still is connected to them. I ask the question if I am a product of my DNA being Gay is my half sister daughter of a man who beat mom and a overbearing mother who thought all information should be hers is that why she hounded mom passed her telling the older sister that she did not want to live in Texas? I love Psychology as much as History and writing equally its in order to finish my degree then fight to get mom back in Iowa that I write. Right now I'm waiting for the judge of Human Services of Iowa to recognize that I am not the bully. That the shear fat that the fire occurred after we had discussed hiring people and changing the power of attorney we were planning to rectify Diana's qualms and keep her at bay so mom could remain with her family and be loved and cared for till we loose her.
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