Geología y topografía: el programa superposición como recurso para su enseñanza

Enseñanza de las ciencias: revista de investigación y experiencias didácticas, ISSN 0212-4521, Vol. 18, Nº 3, 2000, pags. 487-496
Source: OAI


SUMMARY The computer program Superposición has been developed in Pascal and compiled with Borland Delphi 2.0, to simulate the relationships between topography and geology. The program allows to create very simple geologies, formed by horizontal layers, or very complicated interference patterns, formed by three fold system, faults and a discordance. The interference patterns and their topographic expression are generated by using matrix methods. Superposición permits its employ as a didactic resource for teaching. The program can be used to resolve field observations as a part of a research project subject to the validity of the simple shear deformation model.

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