Sexism discussion misses the point

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Tim Hunt's recent comments on women in science were incredibly inappropriate ([ 1 ][1]). However, as the response has ballooned into a public discussion excoriating pervasive sexism and discrimination among male scientists ([ 2 ][2]), I find myself bewildered by this message. Personally, the senior

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... Female trainees, students and residents, in medical institutions are victims of low-quality feedback, putting more emphasis on their personality traits rather than the skills they acquired. Young (2015) notes how male trainees in the medical field are greatly helped to improve their skills, through availing them with effective and constructive feedback 6 . Regardless of the various progressive features inducted in medicine, female physicians are yet to advance to their highest levels due to their subjection to different forms of discrimination. ...
... No Room for Sexism. 6 Young, H. S. (2015). Sexism Discussion Misses the Point. ...
... Men occasionally visit health care centers to check o their health status and avail appropriate measures to remain healthy. According to Young (2015), women have an easier time sharing their health issues, and determining an effective way in which they can handle their situation 11 . Women are more likely to access and share their health issues, compared to their male counterparts, thereby finding an appropriate measure to maintain better health. ...
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Sexist comments made by my former boss Tim Hunt are not an indication that he is biased against women, argues Alessia Errico.
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