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Artificial Intelligence in CAD/CAM



CAD/CAM systems currently are undergoing major changes. These changes are due to the emerging new CAD/CAM systems that incorporate expertise or knowledge and are known as knowledge-based systems. Hence, the new CAD/CAM systems have some 'intelligence' in them. With the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI), the design lead time is claimed to be cut drastically in the process of redesigning or modifying the design for a new model. A new CAD/CAM system (ICAD) even claimed to cut down design time more than half in some cases. This drastic reduction of lead time has enhanced the competitiveness dramatically. This paper looks in-depth about the practicality of AI in CAD/CAM, evaluating on the current status of AI in CAD/CAM systems and compares the conventional CAD/CAM system with those that have AI.
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The paper is stimulated by international conventions on "Quality for Peace" in Lucknow (2005) and Colombo (2007). The concepts are introduced and illustrated, and set in the context of forward plans and alternative literatures. Education does not have to be seen in terms of teaching, with a top-down perspective. We can instead concentrate on learning, with a bottom up process using methods such as quality circles, and an emphasis on networking and horizontal communication. We can make the transition from teaching organisations to learning organisations.
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