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Indicators – More than Evidence and Maths



Abstract Work on conceptualizing and measuring poverty is widespread. Looking at the literature we can make out some form of cycles of different perspectives on the topic, oscillating between issuing poverty as a very general matter, on the one hand, and concentrating on very specific problems as, for example, poverty of certain groups or the consequences of living in poverty. While, of course, atten- tion is frequently paid to the connection between poverty and economic devel- opment, little consideration is given to the link between poverty and large cy- cles of capitalism. The present contribution is devoted to theoretical investiga- tion of this matter. This means as well that certain aspects of empirical ap- proaches will be critically investigated. The aim is to problematize some philo- sophical and methodological aspects of quantification/mathematization, equiv- alence principle and claim of exchangeability, individualization and, finally, evidence. Keywords: poverty, measurement of poverty, Europe, Kondratieff, social quality. See page 297 of the downloadable text