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Ponsaers, P., Crawford, A., de Maillard, J., Shapland, J., Verhage, A. (eds.) (2013). Crime, Violence, Justice and Social Order – Monitoring Contemporary Security Issues, GERN Research Paper Series n° 1, Antwerpen/Apeldoorn: Maklu, pp. 298.



This book contains a selection of papers, which were presented and discussed at the first GERN Summer School for PhD students held in September 2012 at Ghent University, Belgium. The essays in the book coalesce around four overarching themes: the use and meaning of violence; policing the informal economy and tackling social disorder; methodological issues in research on crime; and contemporary penal institutions. It is a rich compilation of new work by emerging European scholars in the field of ‘Crime, Violence, Justice and Social Order’.
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Crime, violence, justice and social order
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GERN Research Paper Series – nr 1
Crime, violence, justice and social order
Monitoring Contemporary Security Issues
Edited by
Adam Crawford
Jacques de Maillard
Joanna Shapland
Antoinette Verhage
Paul Ponsaers
Antwerpen | Apeldoorn | Portland
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Adam Crawford, Jacques de Maillard, Joanna Shapland, Antoinette Verhage & Paul Pon-
saers (eds.)
Crime, violence, justice and social order. Monitoring Contemporary Security Issues
Antwerpen | Apeldoorn | Portland
298 pag. – 24 x 17 cm
ISBN 978-90-466-0603-2
NUR 824
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Table of contents
Crime, violence, justice and social order.
Monitoring Contemporary Security Issues 7
Adam Crawford, Jacques de Maillard, Joanna Shapland, Antoinette Verhage,
Paul Ponsaers.
Flemish youngsters and right-wing extremist groups. Status quaestionis 15
Maarten De Waele
Researching men’s violence: an integrated approach to dangerous
subjectivities 43
Anthony Ellis
Framing fear: from war to civilisation and back 59
Ben Ellis
The supply of doping products: a neglected phenomenon. The case of cycling 75
Bertrand Fincoeur
Rural door supervision 93
Alistair Wilson
Police decision making and the drunk: exploring penalty notices
for disorder 111
Sara Grace
The use of Restorative Justice in England and Wales: preliminary findings 129
Laura Parker
Emotional and insecurity reactions to different urban contexts 147
Inês Sousa Guedes, Carla Cardoso, & Cândido da Agra
Assessing the vulnerability of targets for burglary.
Creating a multi-level observational instrument 171
Marlijn Peeters
‘Intransparency’, deviance and crime in science:
Steps towards a comprehensive analysis 207
Rita Faria
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6 Maklu
Table of Contents
Distance matters: a look at crime trip distances in Flanders 229
Christophe Vandeviver
Member State differences in prison disciplinary regimes and implications
for European Union cooperation 255
Vincent Eechaudt
Participation in prison programmes: encouraging and discouraging factors 275
Dorien Brosens
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