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Effect of a marine plant extract on skin melanogenesis



Skin color comes from melanin pigments produced by melanocytes derived from the neural crest, in contact with the surrounding keranocytes via numerous dendrites and with nervous fibers. ▪ Hyperpigmentaon may be caused by sun damages, or numerous agents such as neurogenic peptides like endothelin‐1 and another peptide, Substance P, which has never been evaluated on melanogenesis. Objective ▪ Study the influence of two neuropeptides on melanogenesis in melanocytes, and evaluate its regulation by an extract of Pancratium maritimum (PME). The plant (also named Sea Lily) was cullvated in greenhouse. Results: Effect of PME on the synthesis of melanin by B16 melanocytes In the absence of NDP‐MSH (non‐smulated condiion), 0.33% PME significantly inhibits by 29% the melanin synthesis by the B16 melanocytes (fig 1A). In the presence of NDP‐MSH (100 nM), 0.165% and 0.33% PME significantly inhibits melanin synthesis by 32% and 65%, respecvely (fig 1B). Effects observed without any associated toxicity.
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