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Het corporate image concept; een strategische benadering

  • Ex- University of Jyväskylä


Dutch book on corporate image policies and measurement.
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... Daarbij is het actief op zoek gaan naar nieuwe informatie slechts een van de mogelijkheden. Volgens Vos (1992) en Van der Meiden (1995) gaan individuen pas in een laat stadium op zoek naar nieuwe informatie. Hun handelingsbeslissingen worden primair beïnvloed door ervaringen; dit kunnen eigen ervaringen zijn maar ook -bij afwezigheid van eigen ervaringen -de ervaringen van voor hen relevante anderen. ...
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To be adequately qualified for the knowledge society, individuals must be competent - besides having enough occupational knowledge and space to practice this knowledge on the shop floor - to steer themselves in a labour market that is characterized by boundaryless careers. In this contribution it is argued that traditional careers education and guidance, work placements and part-time work are insufficient to acquire this competency. Acquiring a career identity only seems possible within the context of participatory learning that addresses the learner as a knowledge constructor and at the same time as a moral human being. An outline of such a learning process is given and the role of education in trade and industry is discussed.
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