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Psychological disorders of caregivers of patients with dementing disorders : Increase of psychopathology and Economic crisis in Greece

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A substantial body of literature has identified high rates of burden, psychological morbidity, social isolation, health and financial difficulties among dementia caregivers. The present qualitative study adopted an Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis approach in order to explore the lived experiences of dementia family caregivers within the Greek sociocultural context. The sample was purposive and consisted of 10 women dementia family caregivers from Athens and Thessaloniki. Individual in-depth interviews were conducted and analysed according to IPA. The participants’ personal accounts included themes related to ethical/existential and cultural aspects of family caregiving; changes in family relationships; impact of the caregiving experiences; sources of support and help seeking; positive and meaningful aspects of the care experience. The research findings are discussed in the context of Gilligan’s moral psychological theory, and cultural dimensions of family caregivers. Implications for counselling interventions aiming at supporting caregivers are presented.
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