The Effects of Customer Characteristics on Mobile Shopping Satisfaction: Comparison of Korea, China, U.S. and Japan

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This study conducted an analysis using IPA metrics targeting college students to get strategic implications for marketing in the recently fast-growing mobile shopping market. The IPA analysis result about the selection of mobile shopping malls is as follows. First, out of the 21 features, `reliability of the offered products(6.09)` had the highest level of importance and `convenience of payment(5.29)` had the highest level of performance. Second, in the area of `Doing great, Keep it up` 11 features were included such as `convenience of payment` and `reliability of the offered products`. Third, the feature that needed to be corrected in the area of `Focus here` was `shortening the waiting time for exchange, refund or warranty service`. Fourth, low priority areas in terms of importance and performance, there were 3 features including `push/notification helps purchases`. Fifth, to the area of `overdone` 4 features belonged such as `variety in the type of products`.
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