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@proceedings{DBLP:conf/lanoms/1999, editor = {Carlos Becker Westphall}, title = {1st Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium, {LANOMS} 1999, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 3-5, 1999. Proceedings}, year = {1999}, timestamp = {Tue, 13 Mar 2012 16:08:31 +0100}, biburl = {}, bibsource = {dblp computer science bibliography,}
5/20/15, 9:03 AMdblp: Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium 1999
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Carlos Becker Westphall:
1st Latin American Network Operations and Management
Symposium, LANOMS 1999, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 3-5, 1999.
Proceedings. 1999
Security Management
Antonio F. Gómez-Skarmeta, Angel L. Mateo-Martinez, Pedro M. Ruiz-
Access Control In Multicast Environments: An Approach to Senders
Carla Merkle Westphall, Joni da Silva Fraga:
A Large-scale System Authorization Scheme Proposal Integrating Java,
CORBA and Web Security Models and a Discretionary Prototype.
Ognjen Prnjat, Lionel Sacks:
Impact of Security Policies on the TMN-X Interface Integrity and
Multi-Agents and Mobile Agents
Pilar Carrión, Rosalia Laza, Encarnación González-Runo, Juan M.
Knowledge Management with an Agent Network.
Paulo Monteiro, Luís Correia:
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1. LANOMS 1999: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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5/20/15, 9:03 AMdblp: Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium 1999
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Trac Management A Multi-Agent System Approach.
Marcelo G. Rubinstein, Otto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte:
Analyzing Mobile Agent Scalability in Network Management.
Telecommunication Policies and Solutions for Network Management
Sérgio Clementi, Tereza Cristina Melo de Brito Carvalho:
Methodology for Specifying And Implementing a Management
Leonor Wilches-Chaux, Carlos E. Caicedo:
Experiences in the Development of a Prototype System for the
Exchange of Management Information, Study Case: Colombia.
Keith-Stuart von Mecklenburg:
The Foundations and Formation of Public Policies for the Deregulation
of Telecommunications and the Eects upon Network Management
Articial Intelligence Solution for Network Management
Susana C. Esquivel, Claudia Gatica, Raúl Héctor Gallard:
Solving the Parallel Task Scheduling Problem by Means of a Genetic
Ruben Apolloni, Molina Silvia, Raúl Héctor Gallard:
Enhanced Genetic Algorithms for the Cluster Allocation Problem in
Distributed Systems.
Volnys Borges Bernal, Leliane N. de Barros, Marilza Lemos, Jacques Wainer:
Fault Diagnosis for Local Area Network Environments.
ATM Management
Miguel Franklin de Castro, Adriano Nascimento, Marcelino Pequeno, Mauro
Measure-based Estimation of The Required Capacity on ATM Switches
Using Neural Networks.
Frank Meylan, Luis Gustavo Gasparini Kiatake, Marcelo Zanoni Santos,
Sergio Takeo Kofuji, Jean-Pierre Courtiat:
Comparative Analisys of Multicast Routing Algorithms for Multimedia
5/20/15, 9:03 AMdblp: Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium 1999
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Communication over ATM Networks.
Daniel Puka, Manoel Camillo Penna, Vinicius Prodocimo:
Service Level Management in ATM Networks.
Telecommunication Information Management
Jean-Daniel Guedj, Giovanni Martini, Luca Valtriani:
Dening a Generic Information Model for Addresing New Service
Oers in a Competitive Scenario.
Thierry Fraize, Julio Villena, Jean-Daniel Guedj:
A process-driven methodological approach for the design of
telecommunication management systems.
Hee-San Hwang, Gil-Haeng Lee, Wang-Don Woo:
Transmuting Legacy Network Management Environment into TMN-
based Integrated Network Management.
TMN and SNMP Technologies
Linnyer Beatrys Ruiz, Manoel Camillo Penna, Karlo Adriano Nocera, Mario
José Ferreira, Celso Antonio Alves Kaestner, Joelson dos Passos:
Conguration Management Integration For Telecommunications
Networks: An Implementation Experiment.
Alexandre Moraes Ramos, João Bosco da Mota Alves:
Experiential Knowledge in TMN.
Roger Al-Alam Krolow, André Peres, Ingrid Jansch-Pôrto:
Management Information Base for Power Control in Computer
Proactive and Performance Management
Cecilia de A. Castro César, Celso de Renna e Souza:
SEGRE: An Expert System for Pro-active Computer Network
Sergio Nesmachnow, Antonio López, Carlos López:
Towards Proactive Network Load Management for Distributed Parallel
5/20/15, 9:03 AMdblp: Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium 1999
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Wagner Meira Jr., José Marcos S. Nogueira, Patrícia Aguiar, Christiano Mata
Performance Monitoring of Management Systems.
Trac Management
Ana Luiza Barros Diniz, Sérgio Campos, José Marcos S. Nogueira, Christiano
Mata Machado, Luiz Geraldo Souza:
An Ecient Low-Cost Trac Management System for Large Switching
Mauro Nacif Rocha, Geraldo Robson Mateus, Soraia Lúcia da Silva:
Trac Simulation and the Location of Mobile Units in Wireless
Communication Systems.
Nelson L. S. da Fonseca, Gilberto S. Mayor, Cesar A. V. Neto:
Connection Admission Management for Self-Similar Trac.
Web-based Management and Internet Technology
Jacques Philippe Sauvé:
WebManager: A Web-Based Network Management Application.
Edison Ishikawa, Noemi Rodriguez:
Web Based Management with Lua.
Manuel Lois Anido:
Reporting the Experience of a Post-Graduate Program in Computer
Network Operations, Internet Technology and Operating Systems'
Quality of Service and Network Provision Operation
Carlos Castro Goulart, José Marcos S. Nogueira:
Resource Allocation and Quality of Service for Distributed Multimedia
Paulo Pereira, Paulo Pinto:
Algorithms and Contracts for Network and Systems Management.
Guido Bruno, Roberto Gavazzi, Fabio Malabocchia, Luisella Sisto:
Work Force Management (WFM).
5/20/15, 9:03 AMdblp: Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium 1999
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Intelligent Agent and Hierarchical Management Systems
Adriano Nascimento, Miguel Franklin de Castro, Mauro Oliveira:
An Environment for Developing Neural Network-based Intelligent
Karima Boudaoud, Nazim Agoulmine, José Neuman de Souza:
Distributed Network Security Management Using Intelligent Agents.
Marcial Porto Fernandez, Gardel Moreira Delno, Aloysio De Castro Pinto
Hierarchical Management Protocol for Large Networks.
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Network virtualization is a promising solution that can prevent network ossification by allowing multiple heterogeneous virtual networks (VNs) to cohabit on a shared substrate network. It provides flexibility and promotes diversity. A key issue that ...
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Most current m anagement applications provide a rather low-level view of the managed systems, h ave limited op erations automation, usually forcing the manager to work at MIB variable level. To solve these problems, an approach based on a hierarchy of management algorithms for the different abstraction layers is used in this paper to manage a company's business processes. An example is described to illustrate how the top-level management requirements are refined do wn to the e quipment l evel, formalized in contracts enforced b y the a lgorithms and monitored b y management QoS parameters offered by the algorithms.
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In this paper, we investigate connection admission management for connections which generate self-similar traffic. We present a simple mathematical framework which does not require restrictive assumptions about the network behaviour. We show how this framework can be used to derive connection admission policies.
Conference Paper
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This paper presents some different aspects and problems related to the process of building a simulator for tracking mobile units in wireless communication systems. The work also considers several approaches related to city area models, location area planning and the storage of user profiles, which are needed for the simulations.