Develop mobile multimedia applications using J2ME technology

Source: OAI


This project develops a video player on mobile devices using Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) technology. It aims to enable telecom operators and content providers to deliver rich multimedia content to java enabled mobile phones. Two different video formats are used in my project. One is called Java Video which is used in slow mobile devices, while the other is called 3gp which is used in faster mobile devices. In this project, two video players were written: "Java Video Player" and "3G Video Player". The Java Video Player is a MIDP-1.0 compatible J2ME video player. Due to the hardware limitation, a new video format called Java Video is developed as well. Java Video is a self-defined video format and its main characteristics are simple and efficient decoding algorithm. The 3G Video Player is a MIDP-2.0 compatible J2ME video player. It can playback 3gp video format. It requires much more processor power but has a better quality. Dr. Wong K W. Assessor: Mr. Cheng L L

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