Palynologische Untersuchung der frühbronzezeitlichen Ufersiedlung Abtsdorf I (Attersee)

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... However, since 2012 and stimulated by the foundation of the Kuratorium Pfahlbauten for studying lake settlements (Dworsky and Novak 2012), new momentum has been given to (bio-)archaeological research on the dwelling lake dwelling sites at Mondsee and Attersee. Several of these new archaeobotanical analyses have already been published (such as Ries 2014Ries , 2019Ranseder 2016) and others are currently in print (Heiss and Jakobitsch forthcoming; Jakobitsch and Heiss, forthcoming). ...
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An international research project (FWF I-1693) recently finished investigating archaeological sites in the hinterland of the lake pile dwelling sites of Mondsee and Attersee in Oberösterreich (Upper Austria), with the goal of reconstructing the spatial networks of Copper Age (agri-)cultural landscapes and human-environmental interactions in the region. Charred plant macroremains from the two hinterland sites of Lenzing-Burgstall (1,517 plant macrofossil finds in total) and Ansfelden-Burgwiese (24,115 total finds) from Copper Age (= Late Neolithic/Chalcolithic) cultural layers were analysed as a contribution towards elucidating the agricultural practices and food choices of the inhabitants. Despite the generally poor state of preservation at Lenzing-Burgstall, a rich spectrum of cultivated crops with barley, einkorn and emmer wheats, and lentil, together with surprisingly high quantities of hazelnut shell fragments were identified. The site of Ansfelden-Burgwiese, on the other hand, contributed not only additional taxa (free-threshing wheat and Triticum cf. timopheevii) to the spectrum, but also the earliest evidence for Triticum spelta (spelt) in the region so far.
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