Methodical complex of training in programming on AutoLISP language

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... For the purpose of effective training in programming in the AutoLISP language the author of the article developed the methodical complex [7] which contains some methodical instructions [8, 9, 10], and also texts of the programs in the AutoLISP language realizing the creation of images and drawings. Students use the methodical complex when performing laboratory works, on a practical training and for the organization of independent work. ...
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The program in the AutoLISP language allows automatically to form parametrical drawings during the work in the AutoCAD software product. Students study development of programs on AutoLISP language with the use of the methodical complex containing methodical instructions in which real examples of creation of images and drawings are realized. Methodical instructions contain reference information necessary for the performance of the offered tasks. The method of step-by-step development of the program is the basis for training in programming on AutoLISP language: the program draws elements of the drawing of a detail by means of definitely created function which values of arguments register in that sequence in which AutoCAD gives out inquiries when performing the corresponding command in the editor. The process of the program design is reduced to the process of step-by-step formation of functions and sequence of their calls. The author considers the development of the AutoLISP program for the creation of param...
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