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Role of Cooperation in Multi-robot Systems


Abstract and Figures

Keynote speech I gave in the International Conference on Industry Academia Collaboration (IAC2014). This talk provides well-grounded and informative answers to questions like: • Wh t th i f t f lti b t t (MRS)? What are the main features of multirobot systems (MRS)? • What are the challenging problems of MRS? • How to achieve different forms of cooperation in MRS?
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This chapter looks at what facilitates the relevant decision-making and the modalities that can make the action (effect) more efficient. The aim is to provide a better understanding of the couple (knowledge, action). There is a strong dependency between the notion of knowing about a given world and the decisions that can be made and consecutively the potential actions that can be undertaken. We bring the notion of “mastering knowledge” for efficient actions. Mastering knowledge amounts to having a coherent set of means to represent the most useful knowledge in the context of the action, to know how to resort as necessary to the appropriate formalizations to model the situations.
Bayesian Approach to Multisensor Data Fusion with Pre-and Post-Filtering
  • Waleed A Hafiz
  • Alaa Khamis
Waleed A. Hafiz and Alaa Khamis, "Bayesian Approach to Multisensor Data Fusion with Pre-and Post-Filtering", 10th IEEE International Conference on Networking Sensing and Control, 2013.