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ARTECH 2015: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Digital Arts



ARTECH 2015 is the Seventh International Conference on Digital Arts, this time hosted by Universidade Aberta in the ancient village of Óbidos, Portugal. The goal of the conference is to promote the interest in the current digital culture and its intersection with art and technology as an important research field, but also as a common space for discussion and exchange of new experiences. Seeking to foster greater understanding about digital arts and culture across a wide spectrum of cultural, disciplinary, and professional practices, this edition of the conference also includes a strand concerned with mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablets that have become widespread creation instruments.
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We are surrounded by images as never before: on Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube; on thousands of television channels; in digital games and virtual worlds; in media art and science. Without new efforts to visualize complex ideas, structures, and systems, today's information explosion would be unmanageable. The digital image represents endless options for manipulation; images seem capable of changing interactively or even autonomously. This volume offers systematic and interdisciplinary reflections on these new image worlds and new analytical approaches to the visual. Imagery in the 21st Century examines this revolution in various fields, with researchers from the natural sciences and the humanities meeting to achieve a deeper understanding of the meaning and impact of the image in our time. The contributors explore and discuss new critical terms of multidisciplinary scope, from database economy to the dramaturgy of hypermedia, from visualizations in neuroscience to the image in bio art. They consider the power of the image in the development of human consciousness, pursue new definitions of visual phenomena, and examine new tools for image research and visual analysis.
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Arte Telemática: Dos Intercâmbios Pontuais aos Ambientes Virtuais Multiusuário situa-se no campo da experimentação artística com os novos meios tecnológicos, suas transformações e derivações. Reflete sobre as realizações com as “novas poéticas” do dinâmico universo das imagens numéricas, como uma necessidade de entender e explorar os avanços tecnológicos e expressá-los na produção artística contemporânea. O enfoque apresenta-se nas manifestações artísticas relacionadas à arte telemática, passando pelos intercâmbios via fax e modem dos anos 70 e 80, pelas práticas artísticas e formas de trabalho na internet a partir dos anos 90, até os ambientes virtuais multiusuário que começam a despontar nos nossos dias. O texto é pontuado com trabalhos e projetos artísticos do autor.
Passados quinze anos desde o surgimento de uma das mais significativas experimentações na rede Internet – o conhecido site JODI –, as poéticas concebidas dentro das especificidades da rede Internet multiplicaram-se. Este relato reflexivo tem por objetivo retomar a discussão em torno da web arte no contexto de novas práticas em arte e tecnologia.
In the age of media convergence, stories have morphed into new forms yet their core purpose remains the same, which is to pass on knowledge and information. This book argues that the inherent interactivity of the internet and the emotional engagement of story can lead to innovative pedagogies in media-rich environments. © Stavroula Kalogeras, 2014. Foreword Patrick Lynch 2014. All rights reserved.