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  • Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy, Macedonia - IECE
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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the current situation in Macedonian organisations and their awareness of sustainability and incorporating sustainable actions in everyday activities and strategic planning. Design/methodology/approach: Desk research will be conducted analysing the websites of top organisations in Macedonia, focusing on sustainable development actions in their strategy and everyday activities. Also, we will conduct an interview with top managers assessing the awareness they have on sustainable development, measures taken so far, as well as their future commitment. Some of the questions that we have in this study are: Is there any awareness and activities regarding sustainable development in Macedonian organisations?; What type of activities are currently conducted or planned in the future?; Is there a correlation with corporate social responsibility activities and their strategic plans?; Do they communicate their sustainable activities externally and internally?; What are the obstacles preventing Macedonian organisations to be more involved in sustainable development actions?. Findings: The results from the study will help answer the questions concerning sustainable development in Macedonian organisations and guiding and supporting managerial decisions in creating sustainable organisations, as well as policy making. Research limitations/implications: There is a literature gap in the area of sustainable development in Macedonia and Macedonian organisations. Practical implications: This study will increase the understanding and awareness about sustainable development, as well as the influence it has on stakeholders. This study can help in future policy making and further research in this area. Originality/value: This research contributes to the field by offering support and new findings. This study adds to the body of literature in what is considered relatively new and unexplored area of study. The survey conducted among Macedonian organisations contributes a lot for the knowledge about sustainable development in Macedonia. Keywords: Sustainable Development, Strategy, Policy Making, Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizations, Macedonia.

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