Core Needs and Modules in BioTransport

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Source: OAI


    This module contains materials for a challenge-based course in biotransport. The challenges are based on real problems in biotransport and are designed to motivate students to discover a solution. For example, many important concepts in heat transfer can be discovered by asking students to play the role of a consultant in a murder trial in which the time of death needs to be estimated. In general, students will not have sufficient knowledge to solve the challenge as initially presented. They must consult several resources to help them understand which conservation principles apply, which constitutive relationships are appropriate, and which parameters are most important. Students are then asked to use this new information to develop a model that is appropriate for the challenge. Since the challenge-driven method puts students in the position where they need to determine which parts of the taxonomy are relevant to the challenge, it is hoped that this approach will better prepare students for the workplace and for life-long learning.