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Press Forming of Chicken Feather Fibre (CFF) Reinforced Bio-Composites: Effects of CFF Volume on Mechanical and Thermal Properties

... It has been studied the mechanical properties of composite made of CFF and glass fibers as reinforcing fibers, calcite powder as particulate and polyester as the base matrix [19]. Highest tensile strength was recorded to be at 10% CFF loading. ...
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In the current synerio, application of waste materials from various agricultural, livestock disposable elements are been highly appreciated. These discarded materials are been converted or reused to develop a new material which is cost effective, equally strengthened and ecofriendly too. A review based on the characterization, application and reusability of various green waste and biocomposite material development is done in order to generate various research gap and to pile up the clustered knowledge of developing green composite for various design applications. The use of green waste like almond shell particles, walnut, groundnut shell, cane residue, poultry waste and various livestock waste like cow dunk, chicken feather fiber, egg shell and so on are been reviewed for advance composite material development. The evaluation of Ecofriendly, Sustainable and cost effective material development is appreciated and piled up.
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