Design and Development of Portable Folding Baby Bed

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According to the product function of baby is too single, unable to achieve energy saving, time saving and other problems, this paper puts forward a design of multifunctional portable baby bed. The utility model has the advantages of realize the conversion of baby bed and chair, folding, easy to carry, and has the advantages of simple structure, convenient processing, stable and safe, affordable.

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To read the full-text of this research,
you can request a copy directly from the authors.

The traditional crib has the simple function of carrying the baby to sleep and play, and the baby falling asleep also needs the parents to shake the crib manually. According to the above situation, the intelligent crib-based on Android is designed and implemented. The system takes STM32 MCU as the core, combines sensor technology, wireless communication technology, and video monitoring technology, uses MQTT server, and develops an app with Android studio. Parents can not only view the baby’s condition by remote video, but also check the baby’s fever, bed wetting, and control music play, shake the crib through the mobile phone interface. The design is convenient and effective to lighten the burden on parents to take care of infants and has high application value.
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