Annual of Social work; Vol.12 No.2
Source: OAI


The purpose of this paper is to analyse the problem of stress and psychological abuse at the workplace. The condition of stress at the workplace can be defined as a series of physiological, psychological and behavioural reactions that are harmful to an individual, and in which the job demands are not in accordance with the individual's capabilities, capacities and needs. The syndrome of job-related burn-out is one of the most unfavourable consequences of being exposed to professional stress for a long period of time. Work-related stress is the result of the interaction of employees and job characteristics. Psychic abuse represents a complex socio-medical problem of moral abuse at work that results in consequences for the psychical and physical health of the victim. It is a well-known fact that work with people is complex and it is a significant source of stress. This paper attempts to warn on the differences between causes and consequences of professional burn-out and psychological abuse, as well as to offer possible methods of facing these problems. Care for the mental health of the employees, particularly in case of stressful occupations, such as health care, judiciary, police and so on, is not a luxury, but a professional obligation. In the institution that takes care of its employees, a prominent place should be given to systematic planning and implementation of organisational measures to prevent psychological abuse and to reduce work-related stress.

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