Plodnost ovaca kupreške pramenke i prirast janjadi u uvjetima otoka Brača/Prolificacy of kupreska pramenka ewe and daily gains of lambs in the island of Brac conditions

Stockbreeding (; Vol.59 No.3 01/2005;
Source: OAI


The aim of the research was to determine some production characteristics of kupreska pramenka on the island of Brac, kept in highland environmental conditions with sharp and cold winter and plenty of pasture during the vegetation. The research was conducted on the family farm Salamunovic on the island of Brac, during 2001 and 2002 year. The Salamunovic family traditionally breeds sheep for lamb meat and milk production. 161 ewes (78 in 2001, 83 in 2002) and lambs (93 in 2001 and 99 in 2002, 192 in all) were included in this research. The average prolificacy of ewes was 119% and the influence of year was not found significant for prolificacy (P>0,05). The average birth weight of male lambs was 4.51 kg, and female lambs 4.36 kg. At the age of 35 days the average body weight of male lambs was 12.12 kg and females 11,7 kg. At the end of the fattening period (58 days) the final weight of lambs was 18.50 kg. Average daily gains of lambs were almost the same; male lambs weiched 248.7 g and females 240.6 g.

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