Report on the Maidanak site testing campaign in July 1998 (Maidanak-98)

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Various parameters of the atmospheric turbulence above the Maidanak observatory located in Uzbekistan Republik were measured on 9 nights in July 1998 with three complementary instruments: Differential Image Motion Monitor (DIMM), Generalized Seeing Monitor (GSM) and two Scintillation Photometers (SP). Median FWHM seeing was equal to 0:64 00 , the median wavefront outer scale L 0 = 25:9 m, median isoplanatic angle ` 0 = 2:48 00 . Temporal evolution of the wavefront can be described by several layers moving at slow velocities (mostly less than 2 m=s and never exceeding 10 m=s) with predominant direction from the West. There was no correlation between wavefront velocity and the wind velocity at ground level. Turbulence in the 3 Gamma 30 m surface layer was not important, contributing on the average 10% to the total C 2 n integral (except on one occasion when it was very strong and dominant). Independent measurements of the free-atmosphere seeing (excluding the first kilometer above...

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