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With a world record span, Sutong Bridge looks
like a giant dragon ying over the Yangtze
River, the mother river of China. Its graceful and
splender pro le provides a meless and
esthe cally pleasing structure.
Jianfei Zhang, born in 1963 in Hefei, China. He is now the deputy general
manager of Jiangsu Sutong Bridge Co., Ltd. As a member of the Chinese
Art Photographic Associa on, Jianfei Zhang took a lot of photos of
transporta on projects. From 2003 to 2008, Jianfei Zhang worked at Jiang-
su Provincial Sutong Bridge Construc on Commanding Department as a
sec on chief. During the past ve years, he took thousands of photos
re ec ng the whole construc on process of the Sutong Bridge.
Many of his pictures had won domes c photography awards.
1st Prize
Jianfei Zhang, China
The IABSE Photo Contest of Structures:
The Winners
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2nd Prize
The Galleria, a striking atrium space in landmark Toronto commercial tower Brook eld Place, was designed
by Swiss architect San ago Calatrava and structural engineers Halcrow Yolles.
The glass-covered walkway, 120m long and 6 storeys high, resembles two rows of maple trees branching
upward to create an arched canopy above. In this photo, it is complemented by the art installa on
“Long Wave”, a modi ed sine wave vital in electronic communica on. This visual representa on iden es an
intersec on of architectural space and an environment of communica on.
Structural Engineer at Halcrow Yolles
Allen Lambert Galleria in Brook eld Place, Toronto, Canada
Rita Wong, Canada
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Architect, in the last year of PhD course in Architecture and Building
Design, working at the Department of Structural and
Geotechnical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino.
In my opinion, the topic “the art of structural engineering”
is very interes ng for an architect.
3rd Prize
Alberto Pugnale, Italy
Manrique Footbridge, Murcia, Spain
Footbridges designed by Calatrava
are famous landmarks all over
the world: perspec ve views and
lights are an integral part of his
structural design, emphasized in
this picture with a night shot
that allows a be er reading of all
structural lines, outlined by the
lights and re ected into the water.
Palm fronds in the foreground, in
rela onship with the footbridge,
accentuate also the interes ng ten-
sion between a natural contest and
its wonderful ar cial addic on.
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Structural Engineer
Turning Torso, Malmø, Sweden
A white sharp blade towards the in nity...
sta cs and aesthe cs blend nicely towards a common harmony.
Francesco GalbiaƟ , Switzerland
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Juan Jimenez, USA
PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering at the Georgia
InsƟ tute of Technology
New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia, USA
The highest vehicular bridge in the Americas. The
picture is composed of several frames put together
to create a panoramic view of the eld. I submi ed
this picture to show how the nature and the steel
coexist in harmony no ma er the magnitude.
Nr. 5
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Pedro Ribeiro, Switzerland
Oriente StaƟ on, Lisbon, Portugal
Nr. 6
In this photo of the Oriente Sta on Lisbon, I captured the graceful combina on of curves and angles forming
an astonishing skeleton framework, to underline the perfec on of this magni cient airy structure. I hoped
that through this picture the genius of Calatrava would be sensed…
Technician at INGPHI and photographer of archictecture
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Patrick Fehlmann, Switzerland
Dipl. Ing. ETH
The Landwasser Viaduct is a major part of the Rhae an Railways Albula line. Built in the years
1901/02, the viaduct consists of ve stone arches each spanning 20 m. The viaduct describes a
curve of only 100 m radius. Together with the spectacular mountainous landscape, the bridge
o ers breathtaking views from many points of view. In the submi ed picture I have tried to
capture the impressive dimensions of this great engineering landmark.
Nr. 7
Jose Antonio Crespo, MarƟ nez, Spain
Aldeadávila Dam, Spain
Nr. 9
I realised most of the pictures being sent were bridges or buildings, which are actually the structures mostly
covered in IABSE. I nevertheless thought it would be a good idea to introduce a dam of the arch type, which
are normally very impressive structures. This one is in a par cularly beau ful se ng. It straddles the Duero
River which in that area separates Spain and Portugal. The scenery is amazing, an area called “Arribes del
Duero” where the river has carved its way through the rock shaping a magni cent gorge.
The dam itself is one of the most beau ful in Spain. It was built between 1958 and 1962 and its purpose is
hydroelectric power produc on. Its power genera ng capacity makes it the number one power facility in
Spain and the second in Europe. Its height is 140 m and it’s 250 m long at the top.
Civil Engineer, MSc.
SILGA civil and structural consulƟ ng engineers
Landwasser Viadukt of the Albula Line, Filisur, Switzerland
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Achim Bleicher,
Golden Gate Bridge,
San Francisco, USA
Nr. 8
The dis nc ve orange colour is the brand mark of the bridge – everybody
recognises it as the Golden Gate Bridge without the full view. In the fog the
bridge disappears in the endlessness, just carried by a few cables it appears
weightless. Hence, this picture emphasises the slenderness, daringness and
dimension of the bridge.
Structural Engineer, TU Berlin
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Spectacular contours
re ec ng light giving an
impression of warmth and
organic life.
Nr. 10
Katarina Malaga, Sweden
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain
Senior ScienƟ st (PhD) of the Swedish Cement and Concrete Research InsƟ tute.
The Photo Contest was part of the celebraƟ ve acƟ viƟ es of the the 80th Anniversary of IABSE. 270 parƟ ci-
pants from 33 countries submiƩ ed 1392 photos between April 30 and June 6, 2009. Two days before closing
of submission the gallery was an animated site with photos coming in by the seconds. In these last days
some 700 photos were submiƩ ed, the same amount as had been uploaded during the previous weeks.
A beauƟ ful gallery is the result and IABSE thanks all parƟ cipants for realising this beauƟ ful database.
The Jury:
Maria Grazia Bruschi, USA
ChrisƟ an Eckhardt, Germany
Emil Honegger, Switzerland
Peer Teglgaard Jeppesen, Denmark
Shun-ichi Nakamura, Japan
Amorn Pimanmas, Thailand
A special thank you goes to the Jury that pre-selected the photos for public voƟ ng.
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