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Metástasis cutánea sobre cicatriz por carcinoma de esófago en acondroplásica. Reporte de un caso diagnosticado por punción con aguja fina



Skin metastases from internal malignancy are uncommon and esophagus is rarely the primary carcinoma. Very unusual expressions are cicatricial metastases and cutaneous involvement as the presenting sign of internal carcinoma. We describe a case of cicatricial metastasis as the presenting sign of squamous cell esophagus carcinoma in an ancient achondroplastic woman. The diagnosis was made by fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) of the cutaneous lesion. We discuss the FNAB as a valid and rapid diagnostic procedure for skin metastasis. Also we remark the the ocurrence of esophagus carcinoma and achondroplasia in the same patient probably represent a coincidental finding rather than an association.
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... Additional file 3: Table S3 describes the burden outcomes on 25 LATAM case reports studies. With regards the case reports studies, the majority (68.0%, n = 17) [27,28,30,39,42,44,46,47,49,55,57,59,[62][63][64][65]68] assessed some physical comorbidities such as apnea [59,68], lower back and leg pain [49], and obesity [65]. Ten case report studies evaluated other outcomes such as hemorrhoidectomy [63] and vesicostomy for neurogenic bladder [59]. ...
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Abstract Background Achondroplasia (ACH), the most common form of disproportionate short stature, is caused by a pathogenic variant in the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 gene. Recent advances in drug therapy for ACH have highlighted the importance of elucidating the natural history and socioeconomic burden of this condition. Recognition that there are many potential issues for the patient with ACH is the first step in planning cost-effective interventions in Latin America (LATAM), a vast geographic territory comprising countries with multicultural characteristics and wide socioeconomic differences. We conducted a systematic literature review to characterize the impact of ACH on affected individuals and on healthcare resources in LATAM countries. Methods Searches of the global medical literature as well as regional and local medical literature up to August 2020. Observational studies on patients with ACH from any LATAM country. Pairs of reviewers independently screened eligible articles, extracted data from included studies, and assessed their risk of bias. Results Fifty-three unique studies (28 case series and cross-sectional studies and 25 case reports) including data on 1604 patients were eligible. Of these studies, 11 had data available for meta-analysis. Both premature mortality and all-cause mortality in the pooled studies was 15% [95% Confidence Interval (CI) 1.0E−3 to 0.47; I2 = 82.9%, p = 0.0029; three studies, n = 99 patients]. Frequency of cardio-respiratory-metabolic disorders was 17% [95% CI 0.04–0.37; I2 = 90.3%, p
... [1][2][3]9 All primitive tumors were described by other authors, except osteosarcoma. [11][12][13][14][15][16] Multiple metastases are defi ned as lesions found in various body sites. Taking into account this concept, 42 cases were found as single variant and 25 with multiple lesions in breast cancer metastasis; 6 patients with single lesions and 3 with multiple lesions in lung cancer metastasis. ...
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