Real-Time Salivary Cortisol Opens Opportunity to Understand Context

Conference Paper · February 2014with42 Reads

Conference: Social Neuroendocinology Blitz, At Austin Texas
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We want to collect human saliva from Pakistan Population for omic analysis for disease detection.
To provide a salivary biomarker assay capable of providing real time results in 20 minutes from saliva samples. The final product will be capable of quantifying multiple biomarkers using a small h…" [more]
To define the neurobiologic and epigenetic impact of maternal stress To understand the ability of the early parent-child relationship to buffer the impact of stress To understand how sex and race i…" [more]
Conference Paper
April 2013
    Within the mismatch hypothesis, and specifically the Adaptive Calibration Model (Del Guidice, Ellis, Shirtcliff, 2011), individuals vary both in their environmental stressors and biological sensitivity to those experiences. Functioning of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis via salivary cortisol reactivity provides one measure of biological sensitivity to context. The ACM includes... [Show full abstract]
    Conference Paper
    September 2014
      Oasis Diagnostics has developed two products to address the need for providing a saliva sample for use in final quantitative analysis of relevant biological analytes in a Point-of-Care (POC) or Point–of-Use (POU) environment. The first product is a real-time quantitative POC/POU Salivary Cortisol test (VerOFy®) that utilizes a fluorescent Lateral Flow Test (LFT) cassette in combination with a... [Show full abstract]
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