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Multi-layer geological map of Pliocene Dzhimara massif of granodiorites and quartz diorites (Greater Caucasus, Russian-Georgian state border), located in the vicinity of Late Quaternary Kazbek Volcano. Scale 1/25000. Compiled by V.A. Lebedev (IGEM RAS) ©. File is in PSD (Photoshop) format. Layers: topography, hydrography, geology, color. Version of 2009. Reference should be given as: Lebedev V.A. Geological map of Dzhimara massif, 1/25000, ed.2009. Moscow, IGEM RAS. // V.A. Lebedev, S. N. Bubnov, I.V.Chernyshev, A.V.Chugaev, Yu.V.Goltzman, G. T. Vashakidze. Geochronology and Genesis of the Young (Pliocene) Granitoids of the Greater Caucasus: Dzhimara Multiphase Massif of the Kazbek Neovolcanic Area // Geochemistry International. 2009. V.47(6). P.550-567.

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