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A Study of Productivity of Precast Concrete Installation



In order to shorten project duration and attain higher quality projects, Precast Concrete (PC) elements such as beams, columns, structural and non-structural walls and slabs are generally used. Currently, these elements are widely installed in high rise residential and commercial buildings with repetitive floor plans. However, there are many factors affecting productivity of PC construction which should be considered to provide more accurate estimates of activities such as production and erection of PC elements. The main objective of this study is to analyze precast erection cycle times for four different components namely: walls, columns, beams, and slabs to show the productivity rates which will be helpful to general estimators and managers for more efficient planning of onsite precast erection. Primary data of the study were collected from a school project. Some of the delay causes observed by the research team are discussed and direction for future research is presented.
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