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Bahnaric Linguistic Bibliography with Selected Annotations



The purpose of this bibliography is to assist Bahnaric linguists, translators, and scholars by indexing and cataloguing Bahnaric reference materials. References are first organized by linguistic domain. Next, references are organized historically via a helpful language index. Lastly, an author index is provided. This work also includes an updated Bahnaric map and a brief description of Bahnaric linguistic features. Readers will be drawn into the debate on Bahnaric classification and the question of which languages need to be deleted or added to the Bahnaric family.
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The society of the Indochinese peninsula may be divided roughly into two major segments: the people of the plains, valleys, and deltas, who have been strongly influenced by the civilizations of India and China, and the inhabitants of the highlands who have remained far more aloof, and about whom even today relatively little is known. To be sure, the highlanders have not been completely isolated. Many groups have long had contact with their lowland neighbors, who in many instances are related linguistically, and, since the mid-nineteenth century, they have had to deal with the French colonial administrators. Essentially, however, the highland people have not become part of the great traditions that have touched them; they have not been civilized. The largest and most important of the southern Vietnamese highland groups are the Rhade, Jarai, Mnong, Stieng, Bahnar, and Sedang. The settlement pattern, social organization, and religious beliefs and practices of each are described in some detail in the second section of this Memorandum.
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