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Usage of herb in infertility: review article



Abstract: Introduction and Goal: Fertility is one of the major goals of creation to sustain generation. Almost a quarter of Iranian couples experience primary infertility that burdens the family and society with much emotional and economic load. Use of herbs because of fewer side effects, easier access, easier acceptance by the people and lower costs, has a long history. the goal of this study is to review literature and research on herbs and medicines derived from them that will strengthen or weaken fertility. Findings: approximately 119 pure chemical substances extracted from plants, are used in medicine. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of the people in developing countries of the world rely on traditional medicine for their health care needs. plants such as Trifolium pratenes is rich in estrogen-like compounds. Rubus fraticsos may reduce the risk of ovulation disorders and Pomegranate Juice is able to improve the motility and normal morphology of sperms. Effects of sweet potato and Maka plant, on increasing progesterone and improvement of fertility parameters is approved in different studies. Also plants such as Azadirachta indica, bitter olive extract, The green cumin, Turmeric, Celery, Physalis alkekengi-L and extracts of Centella asiatica and Flacaria Vulgaris decrease implementation sites in female Rat. Mentha Pulegium has a significant decreasing effect on plasma Testesterone, LH, FSH and histological changes of testis. Conclusion: Herbal plants compared to conventional treatments, have advantages such as relative safety, low cost and lack of significant side effects. The effect of these plants is being tested on animal models, so considering their safety, it can also be examined in humans too. However, the effectiveness of these treatments is uncertain, but knowing that are well worth considering for the medical Society in order to empower families to achieve reproductive goals. Key words: fertility, infertility, medicinal herb (plant)
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