[Mediastinal lymphadenectomy in surgery of pulmonary metastasis].

I. Chirurgická klinika FN u sv. Anny v Brnĕ.
Rozhledy v chirurgii: měsíčník Československé chirurgické společnosti 06/2009; 88(5):259-61.
Source: PubMed


The effect of lymphadenectomy in pulmonary metastasectomy is unceratain. Good indication and right radicality of resection are to-days surgery possibilities to manage the best patient survival. Next possibility is performance of systematic mediastinal lymphdenecomy for currative effect and increasing of staging quality for indication of adjuvant therapy by metatatic lymphnode involvement. The answer about performance of mediastinal lyphadenectomy and its kind was seeked by authors in retrospective study in years 1999-2008. Hundred and six patient underwent pulmonary metastasectomy, 34% patients were of sarcomatous origin. Mediastinal lymhadenectomy was made in 31% patients. There were found the lyphnode involvement in five cases. The group of own patiens is non homogenous for exact conclusion of impact mediastinal lymphadenectomy on survival after pulmonary metastasectomy. The comparison of patient survival with diferent kind of lymphadenectomy isn't acceptable because sampling of lymphonodes may be false negative. For exact comparison of mediastinal lymphadenectomy importance is necessary to do systematic mediastinal lymphadenectomy in prospective multicentric study.

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