ChemInform Abstract: Asymmetric Hydrogenation, Transfer Hydrogenation and Hydrosilylation of Ketones Catalyzed by Iron Complexes

ArticleinChemical Society Reviews 38(8):2282-91 · September 2009with47 Reads
Impact Factor: 33.38 · DOI: 10.1039/b806837m · Source: PubMed


    The conventional homogeneous catalysts for the enantioselective hydrogenation or transfer hydrogenation of ketones are based on platinum metals and, in particular, ruthenium. This method provides valuable enantiopure alcohols for the fine chemical industries. This tutorial review summarizes recent successes in replacing expensive and toxic ruthenium in these catalysts with "greener" iron substitutes including my lab's recent progress in this area using iron complexes containing readily-prepared tetradentate ligands. It will enlighten chemists interested in homogeneous catalysis and asymmetric synthesis.