Estudio exploratorio de la efectividad del grupo de experiencia como método de aprendizaje en el ámbito de la salud

Terapia Psicologica (Impact Factor: 0.61). 01/2004;
Source: DOAJ


The present study describes an intervention with health service professionals that took place in the Direction of Primary Attention of Baix Llobregat, Spain. In order to attain the main objective: learning abilities of group conduction in the health area, an experiential group method was used. Simultaneously, an exploratory investigation about the effectiveness of experiential groups as means for the learning of these abilities, was also included. The intervention was made to a group of 11 participants, with a total of 16 sessions, and a 17th session to return the results. The design of the study was preexperimental, and it included the questionnaire of group dynamic abilities and a self-report about the group experience. The statistical analysis of the questionnaire showed that the intervention was effective to the development of group conduction abilities in health. That is, the abilities learned included: the expression of feelings and ideas, understanding of others, facilitation of participation and helping others. The self-report data, confirmed these findings

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