Cytomegalic inclusions in pancreatic allograft after simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation: case report and literature review

Einstein (Sao Paulo) 12/2008; 6(4):481-484..
Source: DOAJ


The incidence of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection has increased inthe past years due to the use of more potent immunosuppressors,such as tacrolimus and mycophenolate. This is related to the earlypost transplantation period, when immunosuppressive regimenis more intense. Other well-known risk factors for CMV infectioninclude the serological status of donor (D) and recipient (R) and theuse of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies for induction therapy or fortreating acute rejection. In the present study, it was reported a case ofan invasive CMV infection in the parenchyma of pancreatic allograftafter simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation. Upon diagnosis ofCMV infection, the patient also presented other clinical complicationsrelated to the transplant, such as bacterial and fungal infection, as wellas enteric fistula. The occurrence of invasive CMV infection is a rareevent, but it should be suspected if high risk factors for this infection arepresent or if there are concomitant clinical or surgical complications.Keywords: Cytomegalovirus infections; Pancreas transplantation;Kidney transplantation; Case reports

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