Clipping Effects on the Growth Variation, Water Use Efficiency and Photosynthetic Activity in Buffel Grass ( Cenchrus ciliaris L.) Poaceae

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 01/2008; 7(1):95-99. DOI: 10.3923/ajps.2008.95.99
Source: DOAJ


Buffel grass ( Cenchrus ciliaris ) growth, biomass allocation to root and shoot, water use efficiency and photosynthetic activity were measured in response to two defoliation heights (5 and 3 cm). Results showed that plants clipped at 5 cm showed a significant increase of diameter and water use efficiency as well as higher leaf water potential with a subsequent increase of stomatal conductance and photosynthetic activity. On the other hand, plants clipped at 3 cm presented an increase in photosynthetic activity parameters but a significant decrease in all growth parameters and water use efficiency.

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