Accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal

Article · May 1997
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    We find the main families of simple periodic orbits in and around the bar of NGC 4314 and examine their stability. In many ways our results agree with those found for model barred galaxies, yet our realistic potential allows us to go further in a comparison with the galaxy morphology. In particular we underline the importance of the families of periodic orbits which are asymmetric with respect to the bar minor axis. The x 1 family provides the building blocks for the bar. In the inner parts we find orbits which are roughly perpendicular to the bar, although their shape and orientation vary along the corresponding families. As in previous studies we find a symmetric unstable 3:1 family, but we also find an asymmetric and stable 3:1 family. We also find asymmetric diamond-like orbits near corotation. We pay special attention to the orbital behavior at the UHR region and we investigate all possibilities offered by our study in explaining the boxy structure at the end of the bar. Subject h...