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The Social Circulation of Media Scripts and Collaborative Meaning-Making in Moroccan and Lebanese Family Discourse



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This article focuses on the role of indexical social meaning in the adoption, circulation, and diffusion of a mass media innovation. The analysis is a case study of the phrase “lady pond,” a euphemism for women as objects of desire. The phrase's use was popularized by a television personality on the cable network Bravo and has spread beyond those who demonstrate recognition of its media origins. Through a detailed analysis of the phrase in use on Twitter, I investigate the properties of the phrase as it “travels” from Bravo to Bravo fans and beyond. I show that the phrase is used with the same form and meaning as on Bravo, and it is semantically and stylistically integrated into users' repertoires. However, it loses its indexical links to Bravo through “indexical bleaching,” which I argue is an outcome of the phrase's recontextualized circulation and a facilitator of its further diffusion.
Critical study of the academic rhetoric used in representing Islam in the seminal anthropological texts of Geertz, Gellner, Mernissi, and Ahmed. The epilogue builds on what anthropologists have learned by observing Muslims; this is offered as a prolegomenon to future anthropological study within Islamic contexts and a more effective sharing of ethnographic analysis with scholars outside the discipline