Plano Diretor para o desenvolvimento sustentável em empresas

Engenharia Ambiental : Pesquisa e Tecnologia 01/2008;
Source: DOAJ


The current system of environmental regulations in Brazil favors that the companies adopt postures returned just to the no-conformities, being simply reactivates due to the law imposition, being guided to the pollution control and not to the prevention. That model accelerate the treatment of pollution instead of promoting the innovation. With purpose returned to the sustainable development, this work approach the implantation of a Master Plan of Development as tool for the conformity management, not only based on the legal demands, but looking for the improvement of its performance seeking the minimization of the risks of environmental impact and to the business. In the process of environmental administration accomplished by Mahle Metal Leve S.A., it was verified that just the ISO 14001, and the legal conformity was not enough for the maintainable development guaranty. It was developed a new tool, based on industrial practices and international legislations looking for the sustainability: the Master Plan of Development, that imposes goals to the medium and long periods in order to orientate the investments and preventive measures that assist to the futures environmental requirements of the interested parts: legislation, environment, shareholders, employees, society, customers and suppliers. The implantation of the Master Plan of Development orientates the actions of environmental administration of the company starting from new procedures that allow to prevent and to avoid damages to the environment and exhaustion of natural resources, besides the social and economical influences, and that in the same measure are favorable to the competitiveness.

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