An analysis of the VOSP Silhouettes Test with neurological patients

Psychology Science 01/2006;
Source: DOAJ


An item analysis of the Silhouettes, part of the Visual Object and Space Perception Battery, was performed using the test protocols of 266 German-speaking neurological patients with a mean age of 54.8 years, all of them presenting some sort of brain pathology. The sample yielded a mean test score of 17.0 (SD = 4.6). The two subsets of 15 animals and 15 objects were only moderately correlated (0.45), so the inclusion into a single scale is questionable. Other reliability estimates were also rather low (0.62 to 0.77). Moreover, gross deviations in item difficulty were obtained with this sample; scoring rules were found to be insufficiently explicit. Despite moderate rank correlations with other instruments (Hooper VOT: 0.65; WAIS-R Block Design: 0.57; neuropsychological screening battery SKT: -0.45), the psychometric properties obtained with this sample must be considered to be insufficient.