Multiple Choice Examination System 2. Online Quizzes for General Chemistry

Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies 01/2004;
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The paper presents the main aspects and implementation of an online multiple choice examination system with general chemistry issues for student evaluation. The testing system was used to generate items for a multiple-choice examination for first year undergraduate students in Material Engineering and Environmental Engineering from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, which all attend the same General Chemistry course.

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    • "An auto-calibrated online system for students evaluation was previously designed (Jäntschi and Bolboacă, 2006) as alternative to a classical multiple choice examination system (Naşcu and Jäntschi, 2004). The system were implemented for a series of disciplines (Bolboacă and Jäntschi, 2007; Jäntschi and others, 2007). "
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    ABSTRACT: Number of correct answers and time spent by the students enrolled at Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and attending at Materials Chemistry discipline answering to a multiple choice multiple answer online evaluation system were analyzed. The analysis shown that the evaluation characteristics it follow a lifetime distribution.
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    • "According with the necessity of development of an objective system for students' knowledge evaluation at university level, starting with experiences obtained by creation of the multiple choice examination system for general chemistry [17] [18], an auto-calibrated online system was developed [19] and assessed [20]. The materials chemistry knowledge assessment of the undergraduate first year students' was study by the used of the auto-calibrated online system and the obtained results are presented. "
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    ABSTRACT: Development of communication and information technology has an important impact on teaching, learning and knowledge assessment. According with national trends in objective evaluation of undergraduate students' knowledge, starting with experiences obtained by creation of the multiple choices examination system for general chemistry, an auto-calibrated online evaluation system was developed. The aim of the research was to assess the first year undergraduate students' knowledge on materials chemistry topic at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania by the use of the developed auto-calibrated online evaluation system. The testing and evaluation methodologies are presented. The students' performances in terms of individual testing points and the average time needed to give a correct answer were collected and analyzed. The proposed auto-calibrated online evaluation system proved to offer a stable and valid evaluation environment of undergraduate students' knowledge assessment on materials chemistry topic.
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    • "For implementation of the computer-assisted multiple-choice system were used the feature offered by MySQL [6] and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) [7] because they allow to create powerful and fast database Web site applications and proved to be useful in creating evaluations systems [8] [9]. "
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    ABSTRACT: Purpose: According with the principles of impartial evaluation of the students' knowledge, with the national trends in ensuring the efficient and effective end-of-course evaluation, the authors developed an original computer-assisted examination system. Materials and Methods: The information discussed at courses and laboratory class, for the Physical Chemistry Course and for the Microbiology and Toxicology Course were transposing into multiple- choice questions and was included into a database by the use of MqSQL database server. Using the futures offered by PHP programming language, the interface of computer-assisted system was connected with the multiple-choice database and was implemented. Results: The computer-assisted end-of-course evaluation system was created and is available via the
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