La Platica de Fray Domingo de Santo Tomás (1560)

Bulletin de L'Institut Francais d'Etudes Andines 12/2001; DOI: 10.4000/bifea.7039
Source: DOAJ


The Platica para todos los Indios and the text of the General Confession are the only two examples of missionary writing in Quechua prior to the Council of Trent to come down to us and their survival is due to their having been incorporated in the Grammar and the Lexicon composed by Domingo de Santo Tomás and published in Valladolid in 1560 as samples of the Lengua General. This article analyses the form of the Lengua General in which the Platica was written and the religious vocabulary established by the first missionaries in order to explain the Christian faith to the Indians. An annotated French translation follows the normalised version of the Quechua text. The annexes reproduce the original Quechua text and the Spanish glosses of Santo Tomás, the Spanish document on which the Quechua text was based and the transcription of the General Confession, a version of the same text in normalised Quechua and its French translation.

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