A Study on Layer's Method Applied Long & Middle Hair Design

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Hair cut is one of the best useful technical tool for hair styling. In this study using the rule of the layers of hair design, balanced for visual art, perceptual ability and form created by the principles of analysis and offer hair cuts and hair design of the representation of regions and even hair design as the basis of a student of Hair Beauty and all the people working in the field can create a variety of hair design puts the purpose to establish a basis. The result of this study can be outline as follows: First, the step line and the movement of the relationship between the law of the layers above and below the length of the same layer techniques, the same consists of a vertical cross-section of the overall round shape of the cut same layer is created and the appropriate volume and movement, the movement of low-layer round a little bit more feeling and expression is used when you want. High-layer used to want to move a lot of light and could see that. Second, the layer of the Law and over direction, lifting, section, the line control. weight control and analyzed by principle and the principle of the process of forming the written form was unknown. Third, hair design, the expansion of the expressive power of the law of the layers, and the section of the over direction depends on the presence of line control to express the length of the outline I had to, lifting the weight to adjust form controls, and the expression of Hair Design will be expanding the width. A hair designer, a layer style to create a zone he thought the law of the first layer formative area To further the reach will be a lot of research, leading up formative aspects of this research thesis do not have missing parts, or as a result of the Beauty of Hair Design and the width of a hair design education in the field can perform to help feed the reference materials that will be.

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