Conference Paper

Exploring the use of signals in the venture emergence of new technology-based firms

DOI: 10.1109/ICE.2014.6871613 Conference: 20th ICE Conference – IEEE TMC Europe Conference, At Bergamo


New technology-based firms have to deal with the technology development and market search challenges at the same time. The venture emergence in technology entrepreneurship symbolizes that the new venture has been able to find the right fit for its technology and becomes an operating business. The complex nature and dynamism of technology markets suggest the need to look beyond the venture resources in order to explain how new ventures overcomes the market uncertainty towards their technological products, and become operational businesses. We use a multiple case study of three new technology-based firms to explore the use of signals as market creation strategies in the context of venture emergence. The results suggest that entrepreneurs rely on market, technology and social capital signaling to reduce the uncertainty and advance towards venture emergence. This research holds implications for researchers interested in further exploring the integration of marketing, signaling and entrepreneurship theories and for entrepreneurs interested in overcoming the market uncertainty towards their technology, products and venture performance.

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Available from: Ferran Giones, Jun 25, 2014