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Master and Margarita – An Interactive Audiovisual Adaptation of Bulgakovʼs Novel


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This paper presents Master and Margarita, an interactive audiovisual project adapting Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel of the same name. Initially it was presented as performance, and later it was released as a website. The project aims to address two main research questions. First: how to integrate music and motion graphics in an interactive audiovisual project, in a way that is easy to use and engaging to experience? Second: how to adapt a novel into an interactive audiovisual project, not only being faithful to the narrative, but also creating a coherent and autonomous work, expressing the artistic vision of its authors? In this paper, the project is presented, focusing both on the performance side of the project and on the website version. The collaborative process between the authors of the project - a musician/ programmer and a designer/animator - is discussed. The project is framed within the fields of new media art, audiovisual art and interaction design. It is also put into relation with past interactive audiovisual projects by the same authors. The novel is briefly presented, as are previous adaptations to different media, such as TV and graphic novel. A conclusion follows, assessing the answers to the research questions, and presenting further reflections on the relation between the novel and the interactive audiovisual adaptation. Future work is also discussed.
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The use of multimedia with performance arts has a rich history. This paper proposes an innovative approach for the use of a Multimedia Application with music performances, through the integration of interactive digital animation. The Application and its development are described. The interface, which is part of the visual experience produced by the Application, consists of two rows and two columns of controls, positioned in the edges of the screen. The Application was submitted to an evaluation, which had encouraging results. The evaluation method is presented and its results are interpreted. Future developments are discussed.
What is does it mean to hear music in colors, to taste voices, to see each letter of the alphabet as a different color? These uncommon sensory experiences are examples of synesthesia, when two or more senses cooperate in perception. Once dismissed as imagination or delusion, metaphor or drug-induced hallucination, the experience of synesthesia has now been documented by scans of synesthetes' brains that show "crosstalk" between areas of the brain that do not normally communicate. In The Hidden Sense, Cretien van Campen explores synesthesia from both artistic and scientific perspectives, looking at accounts of individual experiences, examples of synesthesia in visual art, music, and literature, and recent neurological research.
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